Why Krishna Does Not Act Against Injustice?

Question: Why Krishna Does Not Act Against Injustice?

My mind is very soft and sensitive. While reading the newspaper I happened to see some news that has disturbed my mind to such a level that I do not have words to express it to you, my respected Gurudeva. While seeing such discrimination against human beings, attacks against children, women and innocents, sometimes a doubt arises in my mind that why the almighty and all knowing Krishna is not taking any action against such people who are against humanity and human nature? At least what ISKCON can do to end this type of happenings?

Answer: Krishna is Acting, But We Are Not.

Krishna is taking all steps to stop the injustice, but the difficulty is that we foolishly refuse to co-operate with Him and thus continue with our madness of turning this planet more and more into a hell. Krishna is doing His part. Now it is our turn to do our part by fully surrendering ourselves at His lotus feet and fully dedicating our lives to His ISKCON mission for bringing about a global Krishna conscious revival.

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