Measuring Our Level of Devotion?

Question: Measuring Our Level of Devotion?

Please tell me how can we know for sure that we are on some particular level of devotion as mentioned in the shastras? If we don't try to find out, then how can we advance? And if we do try to find out, does it contradict the rule of humility? I have always heard that we are just servants of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, and I have also heard that we should always endeavor to make spiritual advancement. So please kindly explain to me.

Answer: It Is Naturally Perceivable

Just as one becomes aware of how his belly is getting filled by eating without any measuring device, one who advances in Krishna consciousness naturally become aware how he is advancing without any measuring device. Such advancement does not make him proud because the more he advances in Krishna consciousness, the more he naturally feels meek and humble. So if somebody is proud of what their perceive to be their spiritual advancement, they are not advancing in Krishna consciousness. They are instead advancing in self-delusion.

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