Remembering Krishna in Work and Study

Question: Remembering Krishna in Work and Study

Krishna consciousness is about remembering Krishna all the time and not forgetting Him even for a moment. If I am working in my office or I am studying for my exams and my mind is engrossed in it, then how do I remember Krishna at that time?

Answer: Fully Dovetail Ourselves in Service

If my office work or school work is fully dovetailed with Krishna's service, then I will naturally remember Him while studying or working. But if my office work or school is tinged by a motive of sense gratification, it will naturally difficult for me to remember Krishna while I am engaged in these activities. Therefore the secret of success is to give up all desires for material sense gratification and offer all our activities 100% in Krishna's service. In this way we will naturally and easily remember Krishna all the time just as Arjuna was fully Krishna conscious even in the midst of an intense battle.

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