How Does Krishna Reciprocate with Us?

Question: How Does Krishna Reciprocate with Us?

If I love a girl and I give her flowers, chocolates and she accepts or rejects, reciprocating positively or negatively. So, if I love Lord Krishna and express my love and devotion to Him, how does He reciprocate?

Answer: How Does He Not Reciprocate With Us?

How does Krishna not reciprocate with us? Krishna is already lovingly giving us everything: the air we breathe, the food we eat, our friends, our family, our home, our income, our clothing, etc. Indeed He is giving us our very existence itself. So there is no limit to the reciprocation coming from His side. Now it is up to us to reciprocate with Him by fully giving Him our love and our very selves. When we do so He will reciprocate by personally giving Himself to us, just as He reciprocated with Arjuna by becoming His chariot driver.

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