Why Doesn't ISKCON Plant Trees?

Question: Why Doesn't ISKCON Plant Trees?

Global warming is becoming a serious issue now. If the climate becomes hot, people coming to temple would reduce especially in Eastern countries. Whom will we preach if people don't come ? If people are suffering from epidemics and hot climate, it will be difficult for us preach them at that time. ISKCON is known for its management.

Why doesn't ISKCON make a department to stop global warming and plant trees. This earth is created by Lord Krishna and taking its care is also a kind of service to Him. There are thousands of devotees of ISKCON, and if you order them it can make a big difference. Please do something about it Gurudeva.

Answer: Planting the Tree of Bhakti in All Hearts

In order to stop global warming we must know what is the actual cause of global warming. All the imbalances within nature are going on due to the consciousness imbalance within the hearts of the modern day population. Instead of seeing everything as the property of God and thus meant to be engaged in His service, the present human society sees the world as its property meant to be used for its enjoyment. Therefore by the stringent laws of nature they are being punished for this criminal mentality by so many disturbances such as global warming, terrorism, epidemics, tsunamis, earthquakes, war, and economic turmoil.

Although planting trees is a very good thing, it is not that merely by planting trees that we can bring nature back into balance. It we want a real solution to the ever more catastrophic situation on this planet, it is time to focus our energies on its underlying cause, our lack of Krishna consciousness, because it is only through Krishna consciousness that this planet can be saved from impending doom. The tree of Krishna bhakti must now be planted in the hearts of all. Therefore we are requesting that all thoughtful members of the human society should join the Krishna consciousness movement for bringing about the respiritualization of the entire human society. This and only this will restore the much desired balance within nature.

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