How to Follow Dharma in this Age?

Question: How to Follow Dharma in this Age?

1) What is dharma?
2) How to follow dharma as per shastras (scriptures)?
3) Is it possible to follow dharma in the present Kali yuga? If so, kindly give me an example.

Answer: Surrender to Guru and Krishna

Our dharma or duty is the fully surrender ourselves to Lord Sri Krishna. This is accomplished by taking shelter of a bona fide spiritual master through the process known as initiation. The spiritual master then expertly engages us 24 hours a day in Lord Sri Krishna's service. The example of those who are following dharma in this materialistic age of Kali is found in ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Tens of thousands of ISKCON members all over the world have become solidly situated in dharma by engaging themselves completely in Krishna's service under the guidance of their bona fide spiritual masters.

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