Meeting Krishna Higher Than Separation from Krishna?

Question: Meeting Krishna Higher Than Separation from Krishna?

There is a certain group of devotees who teach that meeting with Krishna is higher than the mood of separation from Krishna, and that separation only serves as an impetus for meeting with Him. So is it true that meeting with Krishna is higher than separation from Krishna?

Answer: Loving Emotions Are Higher in Separation

Those who teach that the loving emotions experienced in meeting Krishna are a higher ecstasy than the ecstatic emotions tasted by the pure devotees in separation from Krishna are not teaching according to the principles of our Gaudiya sampradaya, the line of succession coming from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

This is confirmed by an explanation given by Srila Prabhupada in London on 29 August 1971 on the occasion of Radhastami, Srimati Radharani's appearance day:

"As Radharani is always in feelings of separation of Krishna, similarly, in the position of Radharani, Lord Caitanya was feeling separation of Krishna. That is the teaching of Lord Caitanya, feelings of separation, not meeting. The process of devotional service taught by Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His disciplic succession is how to feel separation from Krishna. That is Radharani's position, always feeling the separation."

Srila Prabhupada explains why separation from Krishna is more ecstatic than meeting with Krishna as follows in his purport to Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi Lila, Chapter 4, Text 31:

"The spontaneous attraction of Sri Krishna for His dearest parts and parcels generates an enthusiasm that obliges Sri Krishna and the gopis to meet together. To celebrate this transcendental enthusiasm, there is need of a sentiment of separation between the lover and beloved. In the condition of material tribulation, no one wants the pangs of separation. But in the transcendental form, the very same separation, being absolute in its nature, strengthens the ties of love and enhances the desire of the lover and beloved to meet. The period of separation, evaluated transcendentally, is more relishable than the actual meeting, which lacks the feelings of increasing anticipation because the lover and beloved are both present."

While in the material world, meeting one's beloved is considered to be enjoyment and separation from one's beloved is taken to be suffering, in the ecstasy of love of God the emotion of being separated from Krishna and hankering to meet Him is more intense that the loving emotions tasted when meeting Him. And since in spiritual life the ecstasy comes from the love of Krishna not from sense gratification, in spiritual life separation from Krishna is a higher ecstasy than meeting Krishna.

Even the material world we can see that the loving emotions expressed by two lovers when they are separated and writing each other love letters are more intense than the loving emotions expressed when they are in each other's presence. This is why in Krishna's pastimes the paramour love between Radha and Krishna is considered higher than the domesticated husband-and-wife love between Krishna and Rukmini. Paramour love means that they are mostly separated, while married love means that they remain together. In other words, the fact that the love between Radha and Krishna is considered higher than the love between Rukmini and Krishna supports the principle of love in separation being higher than love in meeting.

In this connection Srila Prabhupada also states in his purport to Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi Lila, Chapter 4, Text 108 as follows:

"Those under the shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu can understand that His mode of worship of the Supreme Lord Krishna in separation is the real worship of the Lord. When the feelings of separation become very intense, one attains the stage of meeting Sri Krishna. So-called devotees like the sahajiyas cheaply imagine they are meeting Krishna in Vrindavana. Such thinking may be useful, but actually meeting Krishna is possible through the attitude of separation taught by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu."

So instead of cheaply imagining that we have met with Krishna, we should try to increase our feelings of separation more and more. In this way we shall become qualified to some day personally meet Krishna face to face. If we follow the pathway of sahajiyas cheaply imagining that we have had Krishna's darshan, we will never become qualified to actually meet Krishna.

How to Control Oneself without Supervision?

Question: How to Control Oneself without Supervision?

It is natural for one to act sincerely when he is under some supervision. For instance, if my boss is sitting right next to me, I will work at the best of my sincerity. But the moment I learn he is not in the office I act freely. Gurudeva, the point I am trying to put across is when the ISKCON revolution began there was no one to supervise Srila Prabhupada yet He was working for 20-22 hrs a day. There is also no one to supervise you, but yet you are still working very sincerely without any boss. It is a human tendency that the best in you comes out when you know there is a sword hanging on your neck. So how to get the best out of yourself when things aren't that difficult and challenging?

Answer: Always Feel the Presence of Your Spiritual Master

The first point is that your question is not idiotic. It is a very nice question. The fixed up devotee always feels the presence of his spiritual master. Therefore he always has the inspiration to work with full enthusiasm under all circumstances of heat and cold, happiness and distress, and honor and dishonor. The way to connect with the presence of one's spiritual master is through the medium of his instructions. Whatever orders the spiritual master gives to his disciple, the disciple meditates day and night on those instructions worshipping them as his very life and soul.

Proof of the Spiritual World

Question: Proof of the Spiritual World

How can you prove that life after death or the transcendental world exists?

Answer: I Will Take You There

How can I absolutely prove to myself that China really exists? By going there. So if you want to absolutely prove to yourself that the deathless transcendental world absolutely exists, there is only way to do that. You have to go there. I am prepared to take you there, if you are prepared to follow my instructions. Are you ready?

Can I Raise Calves That Will Be Slaughtered?

Question: Can I Raise Calves That Will Be Slaughtered?

My wife was born into a family of ranchers, and I am thinking to dedicate myself to raising cows with the dairy business in mind and selling the calves to other ranchers. Since in reality these plans are material, I am thinking of purifying them by establishing a temple in the region where I'm thinking of living and spreading Krishna consciousness to the villagers. The problem is that by selling the calves to the other ranchers, they will fatten them and then sell them for slaughter. Can I dedicate myself to this activity if I also want to spread Krishna consciousness?

Answer: The Cows and Bulls Must Receive Lifetime Protection

Your idea to establish a temple is very nice. But it is not that by establishing a temple you can counteract the sinful reactions from raising calves which will be slaughtered. You must avoid such an occupation. It will not be favorable for your Krishna consciousness.

If you want to raise cows, you can only do so on the basis of giving them full protection for the entire duration of their natural lives so that they will never have to face the ghastly horror of being herded into a slaughterhouse and heinously butchered. There is no kind, humane way to kill a cow or bull. Therefore the only alternative for the peace and prosperity of the human society is that henceforward we give full love and protection to all of the cows, bulls, and calves.

In this connection kindly behold the magnificent Gita pictured below:

If you can instead establish a farm based purely on the principle of cow protection it will be a great example for the human society and Lord Sri Krishna will shower His blessings down upon you like anything.

How Can Krishna Come From Himself?

Question: How Can Krishna Come From Himself?

I know Krishna came from Himself but I don't understand how can that be.

Answer: He Must Because There's Nowhere Else to Come From.

Krishna must come from Himself because there's nowhere else to come from. Since Krishna is the origin of everything and since He is also included with everything He must therefore originate in Himself. Since He is the origin of all, there can be no other cause for His existence other than Himself. In other words, He is self-manifested. He exists merely by dint of His desire to exist with no other cause.

Since Krishna is the origin of everything, if it were not for Him there would be no existence at all. There would be simply void. There is no example of anything else which originates from itself that we can give you as an example to help you understand Krishna's ability to manifest Himself. The understanding of Krishna goes completely beyond any sort of mundane logic. His mysteries are revealed to the sincere disciples through the transparent via medium of the bona fide spiritual master to those devotees whose eyes are tinged with salve of love of Godhead.

This is described as follows in the Sri Brahma Samhita:

santaḥ sadaiva hṛdayeṣu vilokayanti
yaṁ śyāmasundaram acintya-guṇa-svarūpaṁ
govindam ādi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi

"I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is Śyāmasundara, Krịsḥṇa Himself, with inconceivable innumerable attributes, whom the pure devotees see in their heart of hearts with the eye of devotion tinged with the salve of love."

So if you want to understand Krishna, kindly chant His sweet holy names every day with love and devotion:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

In this way, by chanting with love, you will someday personally meet Krishna and be able to directly see by your own bhakti empowered perception how Krishna is the origin of everything including Himself.

Lord Sri Krishna's Body

Question: Lord Sri Krishna's Body

Why when Lord Krishna left this material world did He leave His body here?

Answer: Naturally It Remains Here

Krishna returned to the spiritual world in His original spiritual form. But since this entire material world is His virat-rupa, His so-called material body, naturally that form of His is left behind when He returns to the spiritual world.

In this connection my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, explains as follow in his purport to Srimad Bhagavatam, 1st Canto, Chapter 14, Text 8:

"It should be understood that when Lord Krishna was apparently killed by the bow and arrow of the hunter, the Lord left His so-called material body in the material world. The Lord is kaivalya, and for Him there is no difference between matter and spirit because everything is created from Him. Therefore His quitting one sort of body or accepting body does not mean that He is like the ordinary living being. All such activities are simultaneously one and different by His inconceivable potency."

Obstacle from Non-Devotee Family Members

Question: Obstacle from Non-Devotee Family Members

My parents are not supportive at all and are creating problems and obstacles in my devotional service. Though I want to do more, I am not able to because of mental tension that my parents are giving me by discouraging the very purpose of spirituality. Please help. What can I do to come out of this obstacle that is having such a negative effect on my Krishna consciousness?

Answer: Overcoming the Even Bigger Obstacle

The biggest obstacle we all face in our progress of Krishna consciousness is our own material attachments. This is a much greater obstacle for each of us than any external obstacle such as non-devotee family members who are opposed to our practice of Krishna consciousness. If you will focus your heart on becoming completely 100% attached to Krishna in all times, places, and circumstances, your material attachments will naturally melt away and your non-devotee family members will not be able to impede the tidal wave of Krishna consciousness which will be inundating your heart in an ocean of transcendental realization and bliss. And then in due course of time by the power of your association your family members will also take to Krishna consciousness.

Possible to be Sinless in a Material Body?

Question: Possible to be Sinless in a Material Body?

Thank you very much for saying, "Suffering is outdated and old-fashioned." I shall not only post it on the wall in my home but also shall write it in my heart and remember it forever.

My mind remains my worst enemy. I am chanting Hare Krishna 16 rounds daily and attend when I can the Sunday Feasts of ISKCON. I am following the 4 regulative principles yet sometimes I slip and fall down. Is it possible to be completely sinless with a material body? Living "in the world" is difficult what with war, terrorism, the threat of nuclear annihilation and mindless, lunatic sycophants killing each other in the name of God, what to speak of one's own personal demons of the crazy, Kali-yuga mind. You give hope to this drab and dreary world. How can I serve Srila Prabhupada sincerely without committing offenses?

Answer: By Getting a Higher Taste from Lord Krishna's Names

Yes, it is possible to become completely sinless even while situated in a material body. It is something like diving deep enough within the ocean to totally escape the agitation caused by a hurricane taking place on the surface of the ocean. The deep diving equipment is right there in your bead bag. Now every day when you chant try diving deeper and deeper into the sound vibration of Krishna's holy names. You will gradually taste so much nectar that even the thought of material sense gratification will be truly repugnant to you.

Inspiration Needed

Question: Inspiration Needed

I have a question: I am currently working, but I am not very happy with the commute I need to do in order to reach the company. I want to change my job to somewhere near my house where it is more convenient for me. I have applied for a job at a company near my house. But I have to do some studies and better my skills in order to get into that company. My problem is that by the time I reach home from work I am very tired and I can't study. I need some inspiration to wake up early in the morning and do my studies. Can you please send me some verse or quote from the Bhagavad-gita that'll inspire me?

Answer: Unlimited Ocean of Inspiration from Krishna

The best inspiration we can have in all of our activities is simply to offer everything that we do with love to our most eloved Lord Sri Krishna. Then because of the love, even if we have to go hell in Krishna's service, our hearts will be overflowing with transcendental bliss at every minute. This is why Krishna gives us the following instruction in the Bhagavad-gita:

yat karoṣi yad aśnāsi
yaj juhoṣi dadāsi yat
yat tapasyasi kaunteya
tat kuruṣva mad-arpaṇam

"Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform--do that, O son of Kuntī, as an offering to Me."
--Bhagavad-gita 9.27

Plus a practical tip: Be an absolute fanatic about getting to bed as early as possible every night, even if it seems too early. If you get to bed by 8:30pm, you can rise by 2:30 am or 3:00am and have plenty to time to chant Hare Krishna, read the Bhagavad-gita or the Srimad Bhagavatam, and then study nicely with a peaceful mind for your new job. The key for effective studying is to do it with a peaceful mind. In this way you can absorb the knowledge ten times faster. If you will follow my humble instructions, you'll face every day with a big bright smile on that your face that will light up the world.

Why Choose Krishna Consciousness if Everything is Predestined?

Question: Why Choose Krishna Consciousness if Everything is Predestined?

We often hear from elders and seniors that everything in our lives is destined. If it is true, then is our liberation also destined? And if that is so, why do we have make the conscious choice to take up the practice of Krishna consciousness?

Answer: Krishna Consciousness is Transcendental to Destiny

Everything in material life is pre-destined. That is a fact, just as your elders have informed you. This is known as the law of karma. But because they are still caught up in the clutches of karma they probably did not inform you that at any time you can take control of your own destiny by consciously choosing to take up the practice of Krishna consciousness. No one comes to Krishna consciousness as an automatic matter of destiny because as long as you remain within destiny you will remain eternally in the material world. One only comes to Krishna consciousness when he opts to get out of destiny's clutches and take control of his destiny by surrendering to Krishna. Then instead of being the slave of destiny he becomes the master of destiny.

How I Can Know the Krishna is the Supreme God?

Question: How I Can Know the Krishna is the Supreme God?

I read in a world's religion book about Hinduism that there are many gods and that Krishna was Vishnu's expansion after Lion-Nrisimgadeva. But the Vaisnavas say that Krishna is the Absolute God, and everything has been born from Him. Also, the book says that in the Vedas there is no word about Krishna, that Krishna is only mentioned in the Bhagavat gita, which the books say is only a legend. So how can I know what's the truth? And how can I know that this is only way how I can come back to God? There is so many things I can't understand that all religions are for me like a game.

Answer: We Show You How to Meet Krishna

In practically every book which describes the world's religions and Hinduism there is tons of misinformation. The first point is that there is no such thing as many religions because religion is one. Religion simply means to relink with God through pure loving devotion. This one religion can be perfected by anyone who fully surrenders to the will of God. It does not matter if one is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or a follower of the Vedas. All one has to do is become a pure lover of God. Then he will fully realize the Highest Truth.

The second point is that the word "Hindu" does not appear anywhere in the Vedic literatures. It was a name coined by the Muslims to described those persons east of the Sindhu river. So technically speaking the word "Hinduism" is meaningless in terms of accurately described a certain religious system.

And besides that these academic text books are written by scholars, not by persons who have actually realized the Absolute Truth. Because they have no devotion and thus no personal realization they have failed to see what is clearly described in the Bhagavad-gita, that Krishna is the compiler of the Vedic wisdom and that it all ultimately points to Him. They foolishly state that the events described in the Bhagavad-gita are legendary and not historical. But the actual site where Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita is still existing in India. Anyone can go and see where this most famous conversation in world history took place.

It is preposterous for these foolish scholars to assert that Krishna is not mentioned in the Vedas when it clearly stated in the Atharva Veda (Gopāla-tāpanī Upaniṣad 1.24):

yo brahmāṇaṁ vidadhāti pūrvaṁ yo vai vedāṁś ca gāpayati sma kṛṣṇaḥ

"It was Kṛishna who in the beginning instructed Brahmā in Vedic knowledge and who disseminated Vedic knowledge in the past."

After then after Brahma received the Vedic knowledge from Krishna Brahma then clearly describes in another Vedic text, the Sri Brahma-samhita, as follows:

īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ
ādir ādir govindaḥ

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead is Kṛiṣhṇa, who has a body of eternity, knowledge and bliss. He has no beginning, for He is the beginning of everything. He is the cause of all causes."

Those who have a halfway understanding of the Vedic wisdom sometimes say that Krishna is an expansion of Vishnu. But they do not know that there are unlimited Vishnus and that Krishna is the original Vishnu form from which all the other Vishnus come. So while it is true that Vishnu is the origin, this must be understood in the context of Krishna being the original form of Vishnu.
And besides all this scriptural evidence, we show you how to personally meet Krishna and see first hand that He is indeed the original of all existence, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

I sincerely hope that this has cleared up your confusion completely now. If you are still having any doubts, kindly let me know and I will destroy them for you.

How to Remember Krishna While Walking?

Question: How to Remember Krishna While Walking?

One of your post reminded me of this question. In that message you mentioned that when you were on the way across the border to Russia, due to the red tape of the Russian border, you had to sit for many hours in a long queue of cars waiting to clear Russian immigration. So you answered all of your emails and wrote on this blog for the next day. But what to do next? When you were wondering what can be done to be connected with Krishna, Guru Mataji reminded you of the harmonium in the car, so you could change the boring, excruciating ordeal into an enlivening, ecstatic festival.

So in our life, sometimes we do find ourselves in a situation which is very boring, and few things can be done in service of Krishna. Let's say, the traffic jam, with a lot of noise outside, during that period, we cannot read, cannot chant (cannot hear the japa chanting), what should we do in such situations? And I have a problem, that is, I cannot remember Krishna while walking, since my dormitory is a little far from the teaching building in college, I have to spend a lot of time walking. My mind goes wild while walking, and it's indeed boring.

It's indeed difficult, almost impossible for me to remember Krishna while walking, unless I keep chanting the holy name while walking, I don't know why. It seems that I should keep chanting while walking, and in other boring situations, and maybe this is the only way.

Answer: Chant or See through the Eyes of the Scriptures

Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra is a great way to keep your mind focused while walking. You can also chant some verses or sing some devotional songs just like some people like to whistle while they are walking down the street. Or can you can observe what is going on around you through the eyes of the scriptures. Just like if our eyes are defective we put on corrective lenses so we can see everything correctly, in a similar way while walking down the street you can wear the corrective lenses of the scriptures and see everything around you in the light of sastric vision. In this way your every walk will be an interesting, fantastic learning experience which will bring you closer and closer to Krishna.

How Can God Be a Blue Man?

Question: How Can God Be a Blue Man?

In general I am continually drawn to this movement and its philosophy. I chant daily and follow the 4 regulative principles. I do however find it really hard to relate to God/Krishna as a blue man. My own conception of Krishna is beyond my comprehension. I just focus on Krishna as my creator and that I can have relationship with him. How do I come to understand Him as a blue man? This concept really throws me.

Answer: Because He Likes It

Just a gold mine must possess gold in order for gold to extracted from it, the original source must possess personality for so many millions of personalities to be extracted from it. That original person is naturally all powerful because all power comes from that original person. Since that original person has all power, that person can manifest in any way He chooses. Why do you choose a certain color sweater when you go shopping? Because you are a person and you have certain color preferences. God is also a person and He naturally therefore has color preferences. His favorite color obviously is blue. He has a right to choose His favorite color just as you do.

Coping with Personal and Global Financial Crisis

Question: Coping with Personal and Global Financial Crisis

The entire world economy is going down. What should a devotee do if he faces a financial crisis and even loses his job, and the world society comes to the worst condition?

Answer: Depend on Krishna

Krishna will never let his devotees starve. One should peacefully engage in Krishna consciousness and strive for his livelihood by any honest means. Krishna will take care of his devotees. There is no reason for anxiety. Krishna can solve all of the world's problems within a minute. We simply have to take complete shelter of Him.

Bliss Proportionate to Degree of Surrender?

Question: Bliss Proportionate to Degree of Surrender?

You mention in each message that one who totally surrenders to Lord Krishna enjoys endless bliss. But one who is not initiated is not in a position for total surrender due to various reasons, but is still partially surrendered like being vegetarian, abstaining from alcohol, gambling, respecting every life as divine, etc. Can those who are partially surrendered enjoy proportionate bliss? Or is the endless nectar like your kind self enjoys an all or none phenomenon? I apologize for the immature question but I beg you for your guidance.

Answer: Yes, the More the Surrender, the More the Bliss

Apology is not necessary because you have asked a very nice question which will benefit many of our students and readers. Yes, one enjoys transcendental bliss proportionate to his degree of surrender. The more the surrender, the more the bliss. Those who understand and realize this therefore surrender as much as possible for the maximization of their happiness.