Obstacle from Non-Devotee Family Members

Question: Obstacle from Non-Devotee Family Members

My parents are not supportive at all and are creating problems and obstacles in my devotional service. Though I want to do more, I am not able to because of mental tension that my parents are giving me by discouraging the very purpose of spirituality. Please help. What can I do to come out of this obstacle that is having such a negative effect on my Krishna consciousness?

Answer: Overcoming the Even Bigger Obstacle

The biggest obstacle we all face in our progress of Krishna consciousness is our own material attachments. This is a much greater obstacle for each of us than any external obstacle such as non-devotee family members who are opposed to our practice of Krishna consciousness. If you will focus your heart on becoming completely 100% attached to Krishna in all times, places, and circumstances, your material attachments will naturally melt away and your non-devotee family members will not be able to impede the tidal wave of Krishna consciousness which will be inundating your heart in an ocean of transcendental realization and bliss. And then in due course of time by the power of your association your family members will also take to Krishna consciousness.

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