How to Remember Krishna While Walking?

Question: How to Remember Krishna While Walking?

One of your post reminded me of this question. In that message you mentioned that when you were on the way across the border to Russia, due to the red tape of the Russian border, you had to sit for many hours in a long queue of cars waiting to clear Russian immigration. So you answered all of your emails and wrote on this blog for the next day. But what to do next? When you were wondering what can be done to be connected with Krishna, Guru Mataji reminded you of the harmonium in the car, so you could change the boring, excruciating ordeal into an enlivening, ecstatic festival.

So in our life, sometimes we do find ourselves in a situation which is very boring, and few things can be done in service of Krishna. Let's say, the traffic jam, with a lot of noise outside, during that period, we cannot read, cannot chant (cannot hear the japa chanting), what should we do in such situations? And I have a problem, that is, I cannot remember Krishna while walking, since my dormitory is a little far from the teaching building in college, I have to spend a lot of time walking. My mind goes wild while walking, and it's indeed boring.

It's indeed difficult, almost impossible for me to remember Krishna while walking, unless I keep chanting the holy name while walking, I don't know why. It seems that I should keep chanting while walking, and in other boring situations, and maybe this is the only way.

Answer: Chant or See through the Eyes of the Scriptures

Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra is a great way to keep your mind focused while walking. You can also chant some verses or sing some devotional songs just like some people like to whistle while they are walking down the street. Or can you can observe what is going on around you through the eyes of the scriptures. Just like if our eyes are defective we put on corrective lenses so we can see everything correctly, in a similar way while walking down the street you can wear the corrective lenses of the scriptures and see everything around you in the light of sastric vision. In this way your every walk will be an interesting, fantastic learning experience which will bring you closer and closer to Krishna.

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