Bliss Proportionate to Degree of Surrender?

Question: Bliss Proportionate to Degree of Surrender?

You mention in each message that one who totally surrenders to Lord Krishna enjoys endless bliss. But one who is not initiated is not in a position for total surrender due to various reasons, but is still partially surrendered like being vegetarian, abstaining from alcohol, gambling, respecting every life as divine, etc. Can those who are partially surrendered enjoy proportionate bliss? Or is the endless nectar like your kind self enjoys an all or none phenomenon? I apologize for the immature question but I beg you for your guidance.

Answer: Yes, the More the Surrender, the More the Bliss

Apology is not necessary because you have asked a very nice question which will benefit many of our students and readers. Yes, one enjoys transcendental bliss proportionate to his degree of surrender. The more the surrender, the more the bliss. Those who understand and realize this therefore surrender as much as possible for the maximization of their happiness.

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