Upgrade to Pure Bhakti

Question: Upgrade to Pure Bhakti

How do I upgrade myself to pure bhakti?

Answer: Faith, Devotee Association, and Surrender to Guru

How does one complete a thousand mile journey? By taking one step and then taking another step, etc. etc. until the goal is reached. We begin the bhakti path as neophytes, persons who are not expert in the science of bhakti. In the beginning we may be 1% Krishna conscious and 99% materially conscious. And from there we can go to 2% Krishna consciousness and from there to 3% until finally we have fully upgraded our consciousness to 100% pure Krishna bhakti.

This upgrading of our consciousness comes by putting our faith in the process of Krishna consciousness, by associating with devotees, and by surrendering at the lotus feet of the bona fide spiritual master who then along with the help of the Vaisnavas guides us all the way to the topmost upgrade of pure Krishna prema.

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