Beyond Mechanical Chanting

Question: Beyond Mechanical Chanting

I have just recently taken up the practice of Krishna Consciousness. Since then I have been chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra whenever possible. But there are times I feel that I do it mechanically. Is this common? Is there some way to get more deeply involved in the chanting beyond the mechanical platform?

Answer: Stick to Guru's Order

For a neophyte often the chanting seems mechanical. This is normal. This is due to covering effect of the three modes of material nature. The key to rapid success on the path of Krishna consciousness is to always continue chanting one's daily vow of prescribed japa mala given by the spiritual master no matter whether it seems mechanical or natural. In this way by sticking to the order of one's guru the devotee will quickly advance on the path of bhakti and attain the platform where the chanting is fully realized as natural, just as birds are always naturally singing.

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