What to Do About My Lack of Sincerity?

Question: What to Do About My Lack of Sincerity?

While chanting or serving the Lord I sometimes or many times feel lack of sincerity in myself. What do I do for that?

Is it right to offer medicines to the Lord before taking them?

Can I take milk during Ekadasi fasting?

Answer: That Feeling is Your Sincerity

The more that a devotee feels that he is lacking in good qualities, the more he becomes recognized. So I can see by your humility that you are a very sincere, nice devotee. Please continue in this spirit and surely Krishna will bless you more and more.

Medicines should be taken without being offered because Krishna is not a sick man who requires to take medicine.

And, yes, milk can be taken during Ekadasi fasting unless you have opted for full fasting. In other words Ekadasi can be observed by full or partial fasting. Partial fasting means no taking of grains or beans. Everything else is acceptable. Full fasting is of two types. The first type is to absolutely avoid taking any kind of food. And the second type is avoid all food and not take any water also. On either type of full Ekadasi fasting, milk is not allowed. But milk is allowed when one observes Ekadasi by partial fasting. The main principle of Ekadasi is to increase one's remembrance of Krishna.

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