Can You See Who I Really Am?

Question: Can You See Who I Really Am?

I was reading in Vedic literature: "Bhakti-The Art of Eternal Love" on page 29 about avidya-ignorance, "The root cause of suffering is avidya, ignorance of our real identity as eternal servants of Lord Krishna." So, the question from me is, "What is my identity?" I am asking because I am afraid of the sufferings caused by this ignorance and the sinning I am doing.

Can you see who I really am?

Answer: Yes, I Can, and It is Absolutely Ecstatic!
Yes, I can see who you really are, and it is absolutely ecstatic! Your actual identity is that you are not your body or your mind. You are instead the indwelling spirit-soul who is qualitatively one with the Supreme Person, the Source of all existence. Thus your actual nature is that you are the eternal, full-of-bliss and full-of-knowledge, servitor of the unlimitedly sweet Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna. Now that you know you are, you simply have to be who you are, and you will transcend the miserable modes of material nature and enter into that incredibly wondrous spiritual sky to revive your original relationship with the all-powerful, all-beautiful, all-renounced, all-knowing, all-famous source and owner of everything, Lord Sri Krishna.

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