How to Win the Lotto?

Question: How to Win the Lotto?

I play daily lotto over here but I don't win. I need your directives now, how do I win the lotto, because I want to win the lotto.

Answer: It is Better That You Go After the Ultimate Win.

You can only win the lottery or lotto if it is your karma to win. To achieve material opulence you require to perform many, many pious activities such as opening hospitals, taking care of the poor, and digging wells in villages. For the most part these things would need to have been done in previous lifetimes to make you materially opulent now. So if you do not have this past pious karma, you will probably not be able to win lotto or the lottery.

But why waste your time with this small time stuff? Even if you win ten billion dollars it is nothing more than a dirty penny that someone leaves lying on the street compared to the inconceivable opulence of Krishna consciousness. It is better that you inquire from the spiritual master how to awaken your dormant Krishna consciousness, not how to win in gambling.

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