Is the World Ending in 2012?

Challenge: Is the World Ending in 2012?

Spiritual and scientific studies today say that the world is going to perish in 2012. Is it true? With all my trust in you, I would like to know the actual answer from you, the spiritual master.

Answer: The Planet Earth Is In Peril, But It Will Survive.

Do not worry. This material universe in which we are currently residing will not be destroyed for another 155 trillion years, so there is no need to take the 2012 theories of total destruction seriously. However we should take seriously the ever-increasingly calamitous atmosphere enveloping this planet. A tremendous upsurge of sinful karma is truly putting the planet earth into great danger. Therefore we are being tortured by so many anomalies such as economic disaster, terrorism, ecological disruption, a proliferation of crime, wide scale hunger, epidemic diseases, etc. What can be taken seriously and must be taken seriously is the great opportunity that this human life offers you to become Krishna conscious and attain permanent release from the cycle of repeated birth and death while at same time having the most positive, uplifting impact on the global consciousness.

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