Do Not be Judgmental

Complaint: Do Not be Judgmental

I enjoy your insights and intentions. However, today I have not enjoyed your use of the word "fools"! I doubt very much that Krishna would ever have chosen a sarcastic and derogatory description for anyone, even those He knew were not on the correct path. You are being judgmental in the extreme here, which all sacred texts advise against, as none of we humans are perfect nor do we know the "whole story", which only Krishna would and we will when we reach self-realization. I suggest that you meditate on this aspect of yourself and question whether your ego needs some adjustment, downwards.

Answer: That is Being Judgmental

Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation and also your honest words. It is very nice that you have so honestly and openly revealed your heart to me.

But, I humbly beg to point out to you that because I am a messenger on behalf of Krishna I am simply repeating His words. It is not that I am saying something different from what Krishna has spoken. Lord Krishna directly states in the 9th Chapter of the Bhagavad-gita that those who deride Him are fools. So kindly do not be judgmental with me. If you want to criticize someone for using the word "fools", you will have to criticize Lord Krishna directly. But kindly note in this connection that if we criticize others for criticizing, we are guilty of exactly the same thing that we are criticizing them for.

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