How to Control Oneself without Supervision?

Question: How to Control Oneself without Supervision?

It is natural for one to act sincerely when he is under some supervision. For instance, if my boss is sitting right next to me, I will work at the best of my sincerity. But the moment I learn he is not in the office I act freely. Gurudeva, the point I am trying to put across is when the ISKCON revolution began there was no one to supervise Srila Prabhupada yet He was working for 20-22 hrs a day. There is also no one to supervise you, but yet you are still working very sincerely without any boss. It is a human tendency that the best in you comes out when you know there is a sword hanging on your neck. So how to get the best out of yourself when things aren't that difficult and challenging?

Answer: Always Feel the Presence of Your Spiritual Master

The first point is that your question is not idiotic. It is a very nice question. The fixed up devotee always feels the presence of his spiritual master. Therefore he always has the inspiration to work with full enthusiasm under all circumstances of heat and cold, happiness and distress, and honor and dishonor. The way to connect with the presence of one's spiritual master is through the medium of his instructions. Whatever orders the spiritual master gives to his disciple, the disciple meditates day and night on those instructions worshipping them as his very life and soul.

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