Possible to be Sinless in a Material Body?

Question: Possible to be Sinless in a Material Body?

Thank you very much for saying, "Suffering is outdated and old-fashioned." I shall not only post it on the wall in my home but also shall write it in my heart and remember it forever.

My mind remains my worst enemy. I am chanting Hare Krishna 16 rounds daily and attend when I can the Sunday Feasts of ISKCON. I am following the 4 regulative principles yet sometimes I slip and fall down. Is it possible to be completely sinless with a material body? Living "in the world" is difficult what with war, terrorism, the threat of nuclear annihilation and mindless, lunatic sycophants killing each other in the name of God, what to speak of one's own personal demons of the crazy, Kali-yuga mind. You give hope to this drab and dreary world. How can I serve Srila Prabhupada sincerely without committing offenses?

Answer: By Getting a Higher Taste from Lord Krishna's Names

Yes, it is possible to become completely sinless even while situated in a material body. It is something like diving deep enough within the ocean to totally escape the agitation caused by a hurricane taking place on the surface of the ocean. The deep diving equipment is right there in your bead bag. Now every day when you chant try diving deeper and deeper into the sound vibration of Krishna's holy names. You will gradually taste so much nectar that even the thought of material sense gratification will be truly repugnant to you.

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