How Can God Be a Blue Man?

Question: How Can God Be a Blue Man?

In general I am continually drawn to this movement and its philosophy. I chant daily and follow the 4 regulative principles. I do however find it really hard to relate to God/Krishna as a blue man. My own conception of Krishna is beyond my comprehension. I just focus on Krishna as my creator and that I can have relationship with him. How do I come to understand Him as a blue man? This concept really throws me.

Answer: Because He Likes It

Just a gold mine must possess gold in order for gold to extracted from it, the original source must possess personality for so many millions of personalities to be extracted from it. That original person is naturally all powerful because all power comes from that original person. Since that original person has all power, that person can manifest in any way He chooses. Why do you choose a certain color sweater when you go shopping? Because you are a person and you have certain color preferences. God is also a person and He naturally therefore has color preferences. His favorite color obviously is blue. He has a right to choose His favorite color just as you do.

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