Can I Raise Calves That Will Be Slaughtered?

Question: Can I Raise Calves That Will Be Slaughtered?

My wife was born into a family of ranchers, and I am thinking to dedicate myself to raising cows with the dairy business in mind and selling the calves to other ranchers. Since in reality these plans are material, I am thinking of purifying them by establishing a temple in the region where I'm thinking of living and spreading Krishna consciousness to the villagers. The problem is that by selling the calves to the other ranchers, they will fatten them and then sell them for slaughter. Can I dedicate myself to this activity if I also want to spread Krishna consciousness?

Answer: The Cows and Bulls Must Receive Lifetime Protection

Your idea to establish a temple is very nice. But it is not that by establishing a temple you can counteract the sinful reactions from raising calves which will be slaughtered. You must avoid such an occupation. It will not be favorable for your Krishna consciousness.

If you want to raise cows, you can only do so on the basis of giving them full protection for the entire duration of their natural lives so that they will never have to face the ghastly horror of being herded into a slaughterhouse and heinously butchered. There is no kind, humane way to kill a cow or bull. Therefore the only alternative for the peace and prosperity of the human society is that henceforward we give full love and protection to all of the cows, bulls, and calves.

In this connection kindly behold the magnificent Gita pictured below:

If you can instead establish a farm based purely on the principle of cow protection it will be a great example for the human society and Lord Sri Krishna will shower His blessings down upon you like anything.

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