Can a Muslim Become a Brahmana?

Question: Can a Muslim Become a Brahmana?

One of my friends, who is a Muslim, always says he wants to become a brahmana? What should be my answer to him?

Answer: If He Surrenders Fully to Krishna

Anybody from any background can be elevated to the post of a qualified brahmana if he willing to undergo the purificatory process of surrendering himself unto Lord Sri Krishna under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master.

ṣaṭ-karma-nipuṇo vipro
avaiṣṇavo gurur na syād
vaiṣṇavaḥ śva-paco guruḥ

"A scholarly brahmana, expert in all subjects of Vedic knowledge, is unfit to become a spiritual master without being a Vaisnava, or expert in the science of Krishna consciousness. But a person born in a family of a lower caste can become a spiritual master if he is a Vaisnava, or Krishna conscious." (Padma Purana)

So if your friend is willing to become a devotee of Krishna, he will be automatically become a qualified brahmana.

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