Can Houses in Vaikunthaloka Talk?

Question: Can Houses in Vaikunthaloka Talk?

I have read that in Vaikunthaloka even the houses and trees are conscious unlike in the material world. I wanted to know that when it is said that the houses and even trees are conscious does it mean that they too can converse and take part in the activities going on in the spiritual world? For example, if there is playing and dancing going on can the houses and trees also play and dance?

Answer: If They Want To

It is fact that everything in the spiritual world is an animate living being with the full power to act and converse as a human being. But some of the devotees are inclined to take on different apparently inanimate forms to serve the Lord in different ways such as being his flute, a peacock feather in his hair, or a house. This is a matter of rasa or taste for each individual devotee how he feels most inclined to serve Krishna. Because there is full freedom in the spiritual world, if Krishna's house or flute wants to talk to Krishna, he can do so. Those who are inclined to dance will take instead a human form to get full facility for dancing.

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