Why Do I Suffer from Depression?

Question:  Why Do I Suffer from Depression?

Why do I suffer from depression? It is very, very painful and desperate. Am I suffering from previous sinful reactions? And I am not able to meet devotees right now, I feel very, very lonely. Even though I chant Hare Krishna and read spiritual articles or books every day, I still feel very depressed and lonely. What should I do?

Answer:  Self-Centeredness

Depression is the result of self-centeredness. You are not meant to consider yourself to be the center of existence. If you embrace this untruth that you are the center, is it sure and certain that you will be depressed. The easy way to both conquer and prevent depression is to always remember that since Krishna is the source of all existence, He is naturally also the center of all existence. Therefore all of your thoughts, words, and deeds should be centered around Him, not around yourself. As soon as you become Krishna-centered your self-centeredness will naturally go away, your depression will be gone, and you will be enjoying life like anything at every moment.

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