How to Get that Feeling Back?

Questions: How to Get that Feeling Back?

Well, once when I was chanting the holy name (the day before yesterday), I suddenly had the impetus of wanting to dance, because I had the sense of dancing in the heart, feeling Lord Caitanya is so near, and I was very excited in the heart, even the whole day. But after that day, everything's gone, I could not get that sensation back again, nor can I get the love and devotional mood. I chant nearly 20 rounds per day (not once, but at morning and afternoon added together), still I can not find that. I feel a little bit frustrated. You are surely tasting that thrill at every minute, do you know how to get the feeling back in my life?

Answer:  Intensify your Krishna Consciousness

Sometimes Krishna gives us for a short while a special taste of spiritual bliss for the purpose of increasing our desire for Krishna consciousness more and more. When this happens we should not be discouraged. Rather we should take it as a great encouragement and a sign to intensify our endeavor more and more to become fully absorbed in higher and higher levels of Krishna consciousness. In this way by giving us a brief special taste Krishna kindly helps us to advance more quickly on the pathway back to home, back to Godhead.

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