How to Find a True Guru?

Question:  How to Find a True  Guru?

How can we find a bona fide and true spiritual master who can lead us to perfection? Nowadays there are many self proclaimed masters and the people seeking recourse out number them. So I feel it is cumbersome to seek the blessings of a true guru. How can we verify that a person is a true guru?

Answer:  Be Sincere

If you are sincere to find the highest truth you do not have to go looking a spiritual master. The spiritual master will find you.

Discerning who is a bona fide spiritual master is not difficult. All you have to do is carefully study the Bhagavad-gita as it is directly spoken by Lord Sri Krishna. The bona fide spiritual master simply undistortedly presents whatever Lord Krishna says without any addition or subtraction. So if you will compare the words of Krishna with the words of the spiritual master you can easily understand whether he is a bona fide spiritual master or not.

While it is impossible to be truly blessed by the bogus so-called gurus, it is not cumbersome to get the blessings of a bona fide spiritual master. In fact, by Krishna's grace you are getting such blessings right now. Please utilize them well.

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