Priority of Service

Question:  Priority of Service

My mother-in-law told me like this:

First priority is given to Mother - Mata.
Second priority is given to Father - Pita.
Third priority is given to Guru, who taught the lesson at school.
Fourth priority is given to Supreme Lord - God.

I am unable to respond to this.  I tried saying that our Supreme Father is the Supreme Lord.  He is cause of all causes, so unless and until we surrender unto him we will not happy in this material world. Devotional service to Supreme Lord always take us to His abode in the spiritual world and we get out of the miseries like birth, death, disease, and old age. But she is not convinced.

What can I tell her to convince her?

Answer:  Serve All by Serving Krishna First

Simply explain to her that since Krishna or God is the root of the entire creation, when you serve Him you automatically serve everyone. Everyone else is simply part of the tree of creation, while Krishna is the root. If we try to water the leaves and branches separately from watering the root our watering will not be effective.  When we water the root, we give the best service to every part of the tree. Therefore when we direct all of our service to Krishna, everyone receives the best service, much better than if we try to serve them separately from serving Krishna. If we try to serve others separately from serving Krishna, our service to them will be imperfect.  They will not be satisfied, nor will we be satisfied.  But if serve Krishna or God as the root of all existence we will be fully satisfied and we will be giving the best service to all others.

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