Congress says:

Muslims getting killed in the Gujarat riots is no less than a holocaust;

But poor protesters getting shot in West Bengal under Left Govt is just a plain misunderstanding; 3,000 Sikhs getting slaughtered was only a big mistake; and 400,000 Kashmir Pandits becoming refugees and thousands dead due to Islamic terrorism in Kashmir is a only political problem.

Congress says:

Congress denying Lord Rama’s existence was simply a Clerical Error.

But BJP saying it hurt Hindu sentiments is communal!

Congress says:

Haj subsidies for Muslim pilgrimage worth 3000 crores funded by Hindu tax money is secular; see

ut Hindus questioning how their hard earned money is used are communal;

Congress says:

Banning Da Vinci Code and Jo Bole So Nihaal was Secular

But Modi Banning Parzania in Gujarat was Communal;

Congress says:

Chinese invasion in 1962 was just an ‘unfortunate betrayal’;

Kargil attack during BJP Rule was Government failure;

Congress says:

Reservation in every school and college on caste lines strengthen society;

But Muslims say, same reservations in minority institutions is Communal;

Congress says:

Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] was only an instance of Police atrocity;

But Fake encounters in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] was Modi sponsored ‘BJP’Communalism;

Congress says:

Talking about Islam and Muslim appeasement and Sachar is Secular;

But talking about Hindus and Hindu concerns is dangerous and Communal;

Congress says: BJP’ freeing the terrorists (flight 814) to save Indian hostages was Shameful;

But freeing 5 militants to save the life of the daughter of a minister [Rubina Sayeed] was a Natural Political dilemma;

Congress says:

Attack on Parliament was the result of BJP ineptitude;

But Congress Not hanging Afzal Guru,the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders is due to Humanity and Political dilemma;

Congress says:

(Manmohan) Muslims have the first right on India’s resources ;

But BJP questioning it is communal;

Is there any end to Congress’ hypocrisy and double standards?

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