Meditative Thoughts

A day, going out from the convent, Saint Francisco met friar Ginepro. He was a simple and good friar and saint Francisco liked him very much .
Meeting him he said: “Friar Ginepro,come, we go to preach”. “My Father” answered, “you know that I have little instruction. How I could speak to the people? “.

But since saint Francisco insisted, friar Ginepro consented. They walked for all the city, praying in Silence for all those who they worked into the shops or into the gardens. They smiled to the children, especially to those poor ones. They exchanged some word with oldest. They caress the sick ones.

They helped one woman to carry a heavy full water container. After they have many times over crossed all the city, saint Francisco said: “Friar Ginepro, is hour to return to the convent”. “And our preaching?”.

“We have made It… We have made It" answered smiling the Saint.

If you have into the pocket the scent of moss you don’t need o tell it to all. The scent will speak in yours place.

The better preaching is You.

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