Who Made Sin?

Question:  Who Made Sin?

When every thing is made by God, and God only governs our every action and thought, and we are here to pay for our sins and good things that we have done in our previous births, then at the very beginning He made us do sins, and wrong things, and then He made this process of hell and heaven. If He wanted He could have made every thing good in this world with no hate revenge lust etc.  It was He who created pain.

Answer:  We Did.

You are foolishly thinking that God has created our painful situation in this material existence. This is a completely wrong understanding. I am again and again seeing how many people are trying to blame God for their suffering condition in this material existence.  Instead of owning up to the responsibility for having made the wrong choice, they try to blame God for their predicament. This is not the way to become free from the sufferings of material existence. Such an attitude of blaming God simply prolongs one's suffering situation in this material world.

Everything is made by God. That's fact. But He is not a despotic dictator. He is our loving father. He is not orchestrating the thoughts and actions of His beloved children. Rather He gives them the free will to engage their thoughts and actions in His service or to rebel against Him and engage their thoughts and actions independently for a life of sense gratification.

Those who choose to lovingly offer their thoughts and actions completely in the Lord's service experience an eternity full of love, knowledge, and bliss. And those who choose to rebel against the Lord suffer an eternity of hate, ignorance, and misery.  The good news is that there is no such thing as being eternally damned. All those who rebelled have the free choice to be reinstated in their original position full of bliss, knowledge, and love in the unlimitedly sweet spiritual world.  All they have to do is agree to surrender themselves fully unto Lord Sri Krishna.

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