Why Preach?

Question:  Why Preach?

When Krishna is present in everyone's heart, omnipresent, what is the need to preach?  Cannot we just realize Krishna by chanting?

What should be the disposition and mood of a preacher? What is the purpose/importance of preaching?

Answer:  Mercy

Krishna is everyone's heart but they have forgotten it. Therefore we must remind them. This is the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu that we must deliver those who have forgotten Krishna by helping them to revive their dormant Krishna consciousness.

Krishna is realized by chanting. But they are not chanting. Therefore we must teach them how to chant and inspire them to chant so that they can realize Krishna.

The preacher's mood is kindness. He cannot tolerate to see others suffering. Therefore he fully dedicates his life to save the people from their suffering by giving them Krishna consciousness.

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