If Jesus Allows Meat Eating...

Question:  If Jesus Allows Meat Eating...

I have been having conversations with my colleagues at work about vegetarianism and certain verses from the Bible that promotes this. However, one of my colleagues says that Jesus gave his disciples fish to eat so that's why they do not condemn meat-eating. If Jesus could do it then why would it be wrong for them to eat meat? I could not reply to this and told them that I would find out about this.

Can you please assist me in answering their query?

Answer:  Jesus Does Not Allow It

Jesus may have under circumstance, when he and his followers were in the desert with no other food available, allowed his followers to eat fish. This does not mean that he has given us license to eat our finned, winged, and four-legged little brothers when there is an ample supply of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains available in the market place.

The Biblical injunction upheld by Jesus is "Thou shalt not kill." Therefore if they want to eat meat, they should let the animals die naturally and then devour their flesh. In this way they will not be guilty of the sin of killing an innocent creature. Such killing of an innocent creature obliges the killer and those who pay the killer by purchasing the meat, to take birth in the species of the animal that was murdered to themselves be murdered and have their flesh devoured by the very same animal that they killed and/or devoured in a previous lifetime.

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