The Doctor helped in time

He spoke at last. And helped.

The election scenario was getting colourless and seeing the image of Dr. Manmohan Singh as a suave, soft-spoken, decent neighbour who doesn't like loud music or bad manners in today's GenX, running home as per the wishes and directions of 10,Janpath, one would have thought twice before blaming him for anything, as he was, factually, not responsible for anything.

Now he has given the much-desired chance.

The first thing of his government's 'brevity' and courage to take on terrorism, that has taken more than sixty thousand lives of Indians in the last two decades was to remove POTA.

It greatly relieved the Jihadis.

The UPA became the first-ever Congress government to give credibility to Muslim League by inviting it to join the central cabinet. Muslim League is the party that had demanded and got India's Partition that led to an unprecedented bloodbath. Then his government introduced reservations in Aligarh Muslim University for Muslims.

The UPA supported the Batla House gang, a name that has come to symbolise neo-secularism that helps terror gangs and insults patriotic martyrs in the wake of the Batla House encounter in New Delhi.

It virtually became beneficial to be a non-Hindu in a Hindu majority nation under the UPA regime.

The steps the UPA took to appease Muslims at the cost of Hindu welfare and using revenues primarily generated by Hindus were as follows:

1. 20,000 special scholarships for minority students for technical/professional courses. For minority students studying in top 50 institutions [like IIMs, IITs etc], full course fee is reimbursable. For those studying in other institutions course fee up to Rs 20,000 per annum is reimbursable. Hostellers will get maintenance allowance of Rs 1,000 per month.

2. The Congress manifesto of 2004 declared all Muslims as educationally backward in Kerala and Karnataka to reserve jobs for them.

3. The National Commission for Linguistic and Religious Minorities headed by Justice Ranganath Misra in May 2007 has recommended sub-quota of 8.4 per cent for minorities within 27 per cent OBC quota, and, reservation to Dalit minorities by including such converts under Scheduled Caste category within the 15 per cent SC quota. It said that in the 27 per cent OBC quota, an 8.4 per cent sub-quota could be earmarked for the minorities with an internal break-up of six per cent for Muslims and 2.4 per cent for other minorities. If Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians are clubbed into the 15 per cent quota they will squeeze out SC Hindus, as Christians and Muslims enjoy better literacy than SC Hindus. Misra has been a Congress Member of the Rajya Sabha.

4. On March 13, 2007 Finance Minister P Chidambaram told the Rajya Sabha that of the total priority sector lending, loans to minorities had increased by 33 per cent to Rs 45,490 crore on March 31, 2006 as against Rs 34,654 crore when the UPA Government took office in May 2004. The Finance Minister said that during the financial year 2005-06, credit to religious minorities was 8.18 per cent of the total priority sector lending. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has committed to raise credit to minorities to 15 per cent of the total priority sector lending.

5. The Ministry of Social Justice had sought Rs 16,100 crore for welfare of SCs and OBCs, out of which Rs 11,185 crore was earmarked for SCs and Rs 2,250 crore for OBCs. But reflecting the step-motherly treatment of Hindus by the Congress party, the Planning Commission reduced allocation for their welfare schemes by Rs 3,000 with the result budgetary allocation for welfare of SCs stands reduced to Rs 9,097 crore and for OBCs stands reduced to a peanut amount of Rs 1,588 crore. This is the price, which SC and OBC Hindus had to pay for voting for the UPA parties.

6. A multi-sectoral development plan for each of the 90 minority concentration districts will be drawn up at a cost of Rs. 3,780 crore. The allocation in 2008-09 will be Rs. 540 crore;

7. A pre-matric scholarship scheme with an allocation of Rs. 80 crore next year;

8.A scheme for modernising madarssa education for which a provision of Rs. 45.45 crore has been made in 2008-09;

9. 256 branches of public sector banks have been opened this year until December 2007 in districts with substantial minority population. 288 more will be opened by March 2008 and many more in 2008-09; and

10. Continuing the exercise started this year, more candidates belonging to the minority communities will be recruited to the central para-military forces.

11. Rs. 60 crore to enhance the corpus fund of the Maulana Azad Education Foundation." (Budget speech, Part-A)

He should also be informed about the legacy that he says he is proud of, i.e., the Congress.

When Indian soldiers were fighting Pakistani marauders in 1947, they didn't have enough jeeps. So orders were placed with its British company and supply demanded immediately. Our High Commissioner Krishna Menon, a blue-eyed boy of Pt. Nehru messed it up. Jeeps reached a year late and with a taint of hot money exchanging hands.

That was the first scandal of Independent India.

We lost Gilgit, Baltistan and Skardu. We lost Aksai Chin, because the government at Delhi didn't know the exact boundaries and no patrolling was taking place.

In total, we have lost one lakh twenty-five thousand square kms to the Pakistanis and Chinese during Congress rule.

And we had a bad dream called 1962.

At that time our ordnance factories were making coffee machines as Pt. Nehru had openly opined against having well-equipped large army for defence. Who is going to attack us, he asked.

Still we say that Pt. Nehru was the 'architect' of modern India.

And people remember the mysterious 'murder' of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Srinagar, who simply wanted Kashmir to be a part of India like Bihar or Bengal and permit system to enter the Valley be abolished. There were two rulers in Kashmir; the Chief Minister was called Sadr-e-Riyasat or 'head of the state'. Two flags and two laws for the Valley. Mookerjee's martyrdom compelled the Nehru government to remove the permit system and two heads for the state. Post-jeep scandal, we saw Mundhra scandal, Nagarwala case, L N Mishra murder. The Jan Sangh's fast emerging leader Deen Dayal Upadhyaya was murdered. All the cases were suspected Congress conspiracies.

When the portrait of Dr. Mookerjee was unveiled in Parliament, with utter disregard to parliamentary propriety and civility, Congress leaders, including Dr. Manmohan Singh boycotted the function, though Vajpayee and Advani had been attending programmes to mark the birth and death anniversaries of Pt. Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi.

The only Prime Minister they had running a government for full five years successfully was insulted even in his death and his body-in-state was not allowed to enter the Congress headquarters in New Delhi and an airport in his home state was opposed to be named after him by Congressmen though the proposal was put forth by an Opposition leader. This is how they treat their party leaders not belonging to the Family.

They amended, abused and twisted the Constitution, put the entire Opposition behind bars for an undisclosed period and revenged harshly on the unyielding masses.

Yet, they are the democrats and secular lighthouses of freedom of expression and liberty.

They kept India backward in such a planned manner that even after sixty-two years of Independence we are yet to have a spacious functional airport in the national capital, seventy thousand farmers committed suicides in one year, brave decorated soldiers returned their medals in protest and a movie on our poverty-stricken 'slumdogs' fetches a British Oscar in 2009. And they love the illegal Muslim infiltrators just for the sake of their votes - and still they say they are the inheritors of a freedom struggle that demanded ouster of the aliens.

More than anything else they tried to wreck the morale of the assertive Hindus who have been facing the onslaught of the invaders for the last twelve centuries with unparalleled brevity showing an invincible spirit to protect their culture and the fragrance of the land. They deserved to be comforted most after a fractured independence and a massacre that was thrust upon them by a weak Congress leadership. Yet a large section of the Hindus today feel cheated and anguished.

They, the assertive nationalist Hindu Right, form governments in twelve states, prove they can run the country beautifully with a coalition of twenty-five parties having diametrically opposed ideologies. And one of their swayamsewaks unfurled teh Tricolour six times from the ramparts of the Red Fort, as the Prime Minister of the nation, impressed the world leaders and international media with a record of infrastructure building, communication revolution and women empowerment, chose a Muslim to be the President of the State and had the Pokhran-2 failing the CIA 'eyes', resisted extraordinary world pressure and sanctions. Yet they are called 'anti-development, their love for development and secularism is so deep that they can send dredgers to destroy a million years of faith and marine life because that was Ram Setu but won't ever dare to touch a 6x6 feet fake dargah built in the middle of the road blocking the highway and causing accidents, for fear of annoying a vote bank.

And then they say, they are good and others are bad.

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