How to Overcome Obstacles?

Question: How to Overcome Obstacles?

Well, how do you overcome obstacles (many, especially in the mind) in spiritual life?

Answer:  Step On Them

Your realizations are very nice. Regarding the conquering of obstacles kindly consider this:

Just like when an airplane encounters a storm the pilot will take the airplane to a higher elevation above the storm, you can overcome all obstacles by absorbing your consciousness more intensely in the sound of the mahamantra.  In this way your consciousness will be elevated to that plane of consciousness where all obstacles are conspicuous by their absence.  What was previously experienced as an obstacle will then be experienced as a stepping stone.

In this connection, when Dhruva Maharaja came to the end of his life the greatest obstacle, i.e. death, came to him.  But instead of being bewildered by death he stepped on the head of death and entered a Vaikuntha Airplane, which then took him back to the spiritual world.

So in this way instead of becoming bewildered by obstacles we should step on them using them as stepping stones to the eternal existence beyond birth and death.

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