Regarding Initiation

Question:  Regarding Initiation

I have a couple of questions regarding initiation.

I had been a Buddhist the last 4 years under a Tibetan Lama, before I came across the books of Swami Prabhupada. These books have had a powerful impact on my life. They inspired me to begin chanting 20 rounds of the Maha mantra daily. I wish to earnestly pursue the path of Krishna consciousness. What are the requirements for initiation? How should I go about pursuing this?

Answer:  We Will Happy to Accept You

For initiation you must chant at least 16 rounds daily of the Hare Krishna mantra on japa beads and follow these principles:

1.    No illicit sex
2.    No meat eating
3.    No intoxication
4.    No gambling

If you live near an ISKCON center, you should go there regularly to attend the classes and render volunteer service. This will greatly enhance your getting ready for initiation. Our normal procedure is take recommendation from someone who is seeing your progress. When the devotees who are seeing your progress recommend that you are steady enough in your practice of Krishna consciousness to be initiated, we will be happy to accept you as our initiated disciple with the performance of an initiation fire sacrifice ceremony and awarding you with a spiritual name.

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