Conquering Sex Desire

Question:  Conquering Sex Desire

What should a devotee do when sex desires come to his body? Such a situation is quite difficult and dangerous. Do you have some emergency method when sex desires attack the body and mind?

Is it that only males are prone to be sexually agitated upon seeing an opposite sex, or that it's a common problem which obsesses male and female?

Answer:  Call Out to Madan Mohan

When Cupid attacks you with his arrows of lust call out to Krishna by His name of Madan Mohan. Madan means Cupid and Mohan means attractor. So Krishna, the attractor of Cupid, will attract Cupid away from you if you will feelingly call out to Him. After doing this if your mind and body are still disturbed by lust, you must then call out to Madan Mohan with greater intensity begging for His protection. And if even in spite of this you are still disturbed you should then call out to Madan Mohan with even greater intensity. In this way by amplifying your bhakti you will be able to overpower the lust in your mind and body. You will then experience the higher taste of Krishna consciousness and relish it as being much more satisfying than any sort of temporary sexual gratification.

Sex attraction works both ways. Men are infatuated by women and women by men. Sex attraction is the most powerful manifestation of the material energy. One must therefore remain always very careful not to be carried by it. Indulgence in illicit sex is the most destructive enemy on the path of self-realization. Although sex may be used in Krishna's service for procreation, all other forms of sexual indulgence must be strictly avoided.

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