How to Know Krishna's Direction?

Question:  How to Know Krishna's Direction?

̇How do I know the work I do is directed by Lord Krishna and not by my body? How do I differentiate between the two?

Answer:  Take Shelter of Bona Fide Guru

Because of our tendency towards material sense gratification it is very difficult to accurately discern the desire of the Lord in every situation. This is why taking shelter of a bona fide guru, a pure representative of Lord Krishna, is required. The Vedic wisdom repeatedly stresses this point. As soon as we take complete shelter of a bona fide spiritual master all of our confusion is finished. Since the spiritual master is expert in understanding how to always please the Lord in all times, places, and circumstances, we simply have to conduct our life's activities under his expert guidance, and in this way we easily become 100% aligned with the directions of the Supreme Lord. Having a spiritual master is so essential. Therefore those who have not yet taken shelter of a bona fide should do as soon as possible so that they can properly situated on the pathway back to home, back to Godhead.

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