How to Be Humble and Strong?

How to Be Humble and Strong?

Should a chanter of mahamantra be humble?  If yes, how to be humble and at the same time talk strongly with nondevotees?

Answer:  By Love

If one is motivated by genuine compassion, one easily be humble and strong at the same time. It is not difficult.  A devotee's humility is to fully submit himself to the order of Lord Caitanya to deliver the people of this world from their suffering condition in the cycle of birth and death. This is his humble service to them. Just like one sometimes may have to yell strongly at a child to get out of the street to save him from being hit by a car, sometimes a devotee may speak strongly to someone to save him from the cycle of birth and death. This strong speaking is not done out of pride or arrogance. It is done in a mood of humble loving service to that person to try save him from his precarious predicament in the cycle of birth and death.

So in conclusion we can understand that because the devotee's humility is rooted in strong compassion his strength is his humility and his humility is his strength. In fact there is no one more humble than a devotee and no one more strong. Because of his perfectly humble service mood completely free from any personal motivation for sense gratification he can lead the entire world out of chaos.

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