How to Regain Vital Force?

Question:  How to Regain Vital Force?

According to one of the important theories of yoga, the semen is very valuable. One drop of semen is equal to 64 drops of blood. And ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy also stresses this point. Those who lost too much semen are weak, impatient, lusty, fractious, and lacking concentration and memory power. Such health state is not good for spiritual progress. I think that a devotee should only use semen to produce Krishna conscious children, he should never waste it. But for those who has already wasted too much of semen, is it necessary to do some yoga or Taoism practice to regain vital force as well as practice Krishna consciousness?

Answer:  Simply By Krishna Consciousness

For a man who has unfortunately wasted his semen the formula for regaining his vital force is simply to strictly follow the pathway of Krishna bhakti with no more fall downs into illicit sex. No separate endeavor is required. Simply by engaging seriously in Krishna consciousness he will higher taste from renunciation and naturally retain his semen.  As it gradually accumulates in his body he will get  increased brain power, physical strength, longevity, and determination.

Even though Mahatma Gandhi was a married man, from his 30's onwards he practiced strict celibacy. His power of determination became so great that he was able to defeat the British Empire without even firing a single gun shot. So any man who retains his semen only discharging it for producing Krishna conscious children will become a very intelligent and powerful man.

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