A Good Relationship with Krishna

Question:  A Good Relationship with Krishna

̇How can we have a good relationship with Krishna, if we can't have a good relation between us human beings? Because we always have misunderstandings in our material relationship what shall we do to keep our relation with Krishna in good condition?

Answer:  Carefully Follow His Instructions

The reason we do not have good relations between human beings is that we do not base them on a loving relationship with Krishna. We base them instead on the selfish principle of what I can get out of this other person for my own enjoyment.  In short, this is called exploitation. This exploitative non-Krishna conscious mood is the cause of all the conflict in the world today.

As soon as we surrender to Krishna we derive complete satisfaction and happiness simply from being His devotee. Therefore we no longer feel any need of trying to exploit others for our own happiness. Having a good, conflict-free relationship with Krishna is not difficult.  All we have to do is carefully follow the instructions as given in the Bhagavad-gita and as confirmed by the bona fide spiritual master.  Then everything becomes perfect.

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