Are the Scientists Fools?

Question: Are the Scientists Fools?

Today I was watching a television show related to birth and death of stars on the Discovery channel. It was stated that according to the scientists the stars were born because of the cluster of gases and dark matter. And then I thought about the big bang theory.

If we challenge a scientist that from where did those gases come which brought this universe into existence, his reply would be that even though this is a most challenging question to find out from where the gases came, our not knowing the answer does not mean that Krishna of God has created them.

Please let me know what is the reality. I am completely confused now. Actually I am studying science and in the 12th standard. When I compare science with the teachings of Krishna I have a lot of questions. Please do not mind my questions and kindly help me out of this confusion.

Answer:  Only When They Speak Foolishly, Which They Often Do

Lord Krishna has confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita that He is the origin of everything and that everything including the gases is His energy.

In fact He is origin of the scientists as well.  And it is He Who is giving everyone the power to remember Him or forget Him according to their desires.

You have asked me specifically in the subject line of your email if the scientists are fools. The answer is that this depends on the individual scientist. Being a scientist does not automatically make one a fool. But if the a scientist dogmatically asserts without any proof that there is no supreme operator of the universe, he is certainly a fool. Anyone with a little common sense can easily observe that every machine has an operator. Therefore we can rightfully  conclude that the gigantic universal machine must also have an operator.

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Pankaj said...

"He Who is giving everyone the power to remember Him or forget Him according to their desires."

This itself proves that no one is fool. Its about finding self.