Must Guru Be Physically Present in this World?

Question: Must Guru Be Physically Present in this World?

̇You gave the example that Krishna is like the owner of the company and the spiritual master is the department head, and that after accepting employment in the company it becomes our duty to please that department head because when he is pleased the owner is pleased. In this example isn't it necessary for the department head to be alive?

So what would I would like to know is if it necessary for the spiritually master to be living in this world in the physical sense. Must the guru be in material form?

Answer:  For Initiation, Yes, But Not After That

I have given a crude material example which matches on some points and does not match on other points.

You are wondering whether the spiritual master must be physically present in order for the disciple to be able to have a guru/disciple relationship with him. The answer is that while initiation, the beginning point of the guru/disciple relationship, does require for the spiritual master to be physically present in this world, after initiation the physical presence of the spiritual master is not mandatory. After initiation all the disciple has to do is obediently carry out the orders given to him by his spiritual master. In this way he is always able to associate with the vibrational presence of his spiritual master and derive unlimited spiritual strength.

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