Question: Moment of Enlightenment is Fixed?

I have a little curiosity in continuation to the Question/Answer of 18 August 2009. The question was: "All scriptures state that God is omniscient and that He knows everything - past, present and future. Scriptures also state that humans have a certain element of free will. If God knows everything about our future, how exactly are we free?"

Your answer, "Knowing what someone will do and forcing them to do it are not the same thing," is convincing. But when God knows the future for a particular jiva that means the moment of going back to home from the cycle of birth and death is also fixed. Then is it possible to enlighten ourselves earlier and go back to home in the lotus feet of Lord Krishna?

Or in other words, is the moment of enlightenment in the cycle of birth and death of jiva already fixed?

Answer: No. It Is Up to You.

It is not fixed. It is up to you. You have control over when it will happen. But still Krishna knows.

Conditioned life is within time. But liberated life is in timelessness. This is why it is hard for you to grasp.

You will never be able to fully understand it as long as you are still entrapped within the time/space dimension. So do not be so much concerned about this. Simply try to become liberated as soon as possible by taking complete shelter of guru and Krishna. Then you will have perfect understanding of everything.

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