Pray Away the Swine Flu?

Question: Pray Away the Swine Flu?

If everyone in ISKCON prays, will the swine flu go away?

Answer: Pray Our Way Back to the Spiritual World

Our Hare Krishna prayer, the mahamantra, is not a material cure for getting rid of the swine flu or any of the unlimited types of sufferings that are going on every day here in this material world. Our chanting is for getting out of this material world, for going back to the spiritual world where the swine flu and all other types of material miseries are conspicuous by their absence. In other words, the miseries of the material world will always be here because this is the world of misery. One who wants to become free from all miseries should fully qualify himself to go back to the abode of Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is not that by prayer the material miseries will stop. No. Rather it is by sincerely praying to serve the Lord that we will escape this world of miseries and attain eternity, knowledge, and bliss in the spiritual sky.

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