Is Accumulation of Material Wealth Good?

Question: Is Accumulation of Material Wealth Good?

Wealthy people have more probability of turning to spiritual side as they have access to the knowledge. Poor people are unaware of the spiritual knowledge and hence will never get to the spiritual side. Therefore, making people wealthy seems the only way to increase the number of people following spiritual path. Am I correct? Why are we not working on this rather than trying to make a few wealthy people turn to the spiritual path? I get confused over these thoughts.
Answer: Accumulation of Spiritual Wealth is the Best

Wealth and poverty are not determining factors for a person's taking to Krishna consciousness. Sometimes we see that a poor person is more inclined to spiritual life than a wealthy person. So instead of focusing our attention on how to make everyone more wealthy in the material sense, we should devote our energy to making everyone unlimitedly wealthy in the spiritual sense by awakening the dormant Krishna consciousness in the hearts of all human beings by the massive public performance of harinam sankirtana in every town and village all over the world on a regular daily basis.

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