How to Overcome Depression and Material Attachments?

Question: How to Overcome Depression and Material Attachments?

How to overcome depression and material attachments? It is very difficult for me to do this. I am very much attracted to the material world. I know that is false, just an illusion, but please guide me how to overcome this attraction.

Answer: Become Attached to Krishna

Depression comes automatically for those who are attached to this material world. The only way to overcome this attachment is to develop a higher attachment to Krishna and Krishna consciousness.

But kindly note that this material world is not false, nor is it an illusion. Just as the spiritual world is real, this material world is also real. Within a state the university is real and the prison is also real. The prison is for those who disobey the laws of the state. Similarly, this material world is the prison house for those who have disobeyed the laws of God.

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