Guidance for Psychiatric Patient

Question: Guidance for Psychiatric Patient

What guidance can you give me since I am a psychiatric patient?

Answer: Engage Your Mind in Krishna Consciousness

Being a psychiatric patient means that you are suffering from mental disturbances. The first step to become liberated from these disturbances is to understand that you are not your mind, that the mind is simply a tool that you can use in the way you choose to use it. The mind can elevate you or degrade you depending on which way you use it. If you will absorb your mind in Krishna consciousness, you will become ever more blissful and delivered from all anxiety. And if you will engage your mind in sense gratification, your life will become more and more full of anxieties. So try now to engage your mind in Krishna consciousness by reading Krishna consciousness literatures and chanting the Hare Krishna mantra as much as possible. If you can regularly discipline your mind in this way, your psychiatric difficulties will soon be over.

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