Does Taking Credit Reduce Bhakti?

Question: Does Taking Credit Reduce Bhakti?

Sir, is there a danger of a devotee's bhakti getting reduced if he takes credit for the fame of being a nice devotee.

Answer: Credit Takers Have Zero Bhakti

It is not that there is a danger of bhakti being reduced if a devotee takes credit for his reputation of being a nice devotee. His bhakti is already reduced. Why reduced? His bhakti is gone. He has no bhakti because he desires his own worship instead of Krishna's worship. His show of bhakti will soon be finished because pure bhakti is the only thing which fully satisfies the self.

Those who are actually Krishna conscious give all credit to their spiritual master for whatever progress they have made on the path of bhakti. The more that one gives credit to guru, Krishna, and Vaisnavas, the more he becomes recognized and naturally famous.

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