Is Jesus Jealous If I Love Krishna?

Question: Is Jesus Jealous If I Love Krishna?

After all my spiritual journey in self realization I have come back to the basics and returned to bhakti yoga. I am happy chanting, although I only chant two rounds daily. I'm married with two children and I beg Sri Krishna for the grace to stop eating meat. I'm making adjustments to keep in the path. Thank you for your free internet course on the Bhagavad-gita. I receive it in Spanish.

Even though I was born and raised as a Catholic, I find that my love for Sri Krishna is compatible with the love for Jesus Christ. Is this okay? Help me understand how because sometimes I am afraid that Jesus will feel jealous of my love for Krishna.

Answer: Jesus Orders Us to Love Krishna

It is very wonderful that you have come back to bhakti yoga. Welcome home! Bhakti is the purest essence of the self-realization path.

I am most pleased to hear of your spiritual progress how you are becoming awakened in Krishna consciousness. Kindly continue is this spirit awakening your dormant Krishna consciousness more and more and your life will be amazingly sublime.

Jesus is not at all jealous if we love Krishna. In fact he has ordered us that we must love Krishna. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." The more we love the father, the more the son is pleased. And the more we love the son, the more the father is pleased. So with complete joy in your heart continue expanding your Krishna consciousness more and more until your heart is overflowing with so much bhakti that your family members become submerged in the nectarean ocean of bhakti by the power of your association.

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