Tone Down Initiation Requirements

Request: Tone Down Initiation Requirements
All obeisances unto you. You have stated the importance of initiation. But initiation comes with conditions attached. There should be no pre-conditions for initiation. Then only will neophytes like me me dare to get initiated. I would like for you to tone down the minimum requirements for initiation. I am looking forward to getting initiated from you during your Mumbai visit at the end of the year. Would you oblige me with initiation?

Answer: Initiation Means Accept Instructions

Initiation means the disciple agrees to accept the instructions of the spiritual master. It does mean that the spiritual master agrees to accept the instructions of the disciple. If you do not agree to accept my instructions, there is no meaning to initiation. Thousands of people all over the world are being initiated every year into our sampradaya. They do not find the requirements to be prohibitive. Rather they find that the requirements liberate them from bondage to the cycle of birth and death. I would like very much to accept you as my disciple and deliver you from all anxieties, but without you doing your part by giving up sinful activities and chanting the holy names of God it will not be possible for me to deliver you.

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